News Shares Split: NETP Details

A Division of the NEWS Token Pool

We will halt NEWS shares Trades on October 12, 2018, and then do a 1 to 5 payout on the holdings NEWS:NETP

Any holders with more than 50,000 NEWS shares will also receive 5,000 Synchrolife Tokens as Bonus.

NEWS SHAREHOLDERS COMPLETE THE FORM to complete where users can enter their NETP deposit address and get their Tokens sent to their wallet. Users must complete the form before October 30, so start now!

We have received official approval from the HTML Bunker, that the NETP Token will be listed on the HTML Bunker.

The NETP Coin will be a rise only market until it hits the price of 300:1, then it will revert back to free market.

NETP ROM Rules: Rise Only Market, sells are only allowed higher than current lowest sell.

-max sell order size: 10,000 NETP
-minimal step between new orders: .005 HTML
-sell orders go from 10 html to 300 html, whereupon ROM will be removed and unrestricted free market will apply.

View an example here:

“NETP Coin is the premiere payment coin for cryptocurrency news and media services, freelancers, and a growing network of businesses who understand the importance of stable and fast transactions in the e-currency world. NETP is slated to be one of the best coins for use-case adoptions by 2020, and is already the leading cryptocurrency news and media coin. The News Token Pool Network is delivered around the world to every country, in almost every language, through cryptocurrency news sites, digital communities, and investment channels, and and is expected to become one of the best altcoins ever created”

Shareholders will receive their NETP as their final dividend in their Bunker accounts, and will be free to buy or sell their tokens on the Bunker under our new business model, in September, 2018.


In fact, we are giving these NETP coins to our users as a final gift, with the expectation that they will either hodl, buy, or sell on the market, and that all obligations to date will cease at the time of NETP’s listing on the Bunker.

We expect this to be a very nice reward for shareholders, and will propose new projects again in the future once we have some business ideas for our original shareholders, but for now our main goal will to develop the growth of NETP.


Benefits of NETP over the Project Stocks:

*Functional Blockchain

*Active Business Model

*Exposure to 1000s of daily traders

*Revenue generation model with Token Use-Cases



Our primary focus will be to develop the NETP business throughout 2018 and beyond, however, we do plan to work with Cfinex on a new project coming in Q1, 2019, which will be a blockchain token project unrelated to any of our other projects.

We trust that our shareholders will take their NETP as their final dividend package for all projects to date, and that we have equipped them with the tools, and tokens, and we look forward to working with our shareholders on future projects.




Upon listing in the Bunker, we will remove this information and convert this site into a News Site in foreign languages.


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