NEWS SHARES UPDATE, NETP Bleutrade Exchange Listing

Dear NEWS Shareholders!

It is with great pleasure that I announce not only our listing on HTML Bunker, but also the famous Bleutrade exchange is in the works.  Both exchange should have the coin listed in 2-3 weeks if all goes well.


Please see the latest announcement:

Today, the HTML Exchange Director, Raheem, announced a promotional offer for Althash Tokens to be listed on the Bleutrade Exchange with details coming Monday.


After speaking with Raheem, I was informed the application fee is .5 BTC, so we will make the application to be listed on Bleutrade early next week, and potentially be listed on Bleutrade within 2-3 Weeks!


You can then have your tokens sent to your Bleutrade Wallet!


We are keeping the NEWS shares on Cfinex trading Live until 48 hours after our first Exchange listing to prove to shareholders that we are working for their best interests!


You can continue to buy and sell until the Bunker Listing or Bleutrade listing, whatever comes first.


We will make the announcement when we hear about the listing in the Chatroom, and to those that have completed the contact form for the NEWS / NETP Conversion.



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