Cfinex Exchange Closes October 31, 2018

Many of you may have received the shutdown notice from Cfinex.  This comes as a great surprise to everyone.  News Shareholders will be blessed to know that a contingency plan has been established in the form of NETP shares, where their former NEWS shares are converted to a Blockchain Coin known as NETP.  We expect to have all our conversion payouts completed prior to Cfinex closing, and are currently waiting for Halibit to send the account balances so we can begin our conversion payout process.
Dear Cfinex exchange user.

Cfinex exchange will close permanently after next month.
We will keep trading open till 15-10-2018.
Please withdraw all your funds out before 31-10-2018.
Thank you for using Cfinex exchange and all the best for everyone.

Dear CFINEX feeshare holder.
Final feeshare payment will be processed 03-10-2018 Payment include September-2018 fee profits.
Cfinex feeshares trading is stopped.
Please note that with coins that have no working wallet or have any other technical issues, the withdraw will take longer.
If you have any issues, contact support:
Regards: Halibit CEO Cfinex Exhange

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