Teen Coin News Network Starts

If you have NETP, complete the form and get your ERC20 Teen Coin.


The Teen Coin News Network is now operational.  Because the development team from Coin Currency News was unable to make business with NETP due to exchange listing delays, and started TEEN Coin as a result, it only makes sense to add the news component to TEEN and perform a coin swap:

Please complete this Form:


This merger will provide investors and developers who supported the team throughout the past 4 years the opportunity to receive their stake in the new myteencoin project founded by the same team.

Publish on Which Sites?

Coin Currency News


First Cryptocurrency News Station Established in 2014, served over 100,000 clients and continues to wow the world. One of the first Bitcoin and Altcoin news sites….


BTCVIA news, a site dedicated to Bitcoin mining and crypto mining news …


International News Site with focusing on multiple languages…



The Facebook of ICOS, ensuring an excellent position to attract new investors from a niche group of VCs and angel investors…

Bit Cash Player

Bit Cash Players

Bit Cash Players dedicated to bitcoin and cryptocurrency games…



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